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Thanks must go to Traci Whifield for the time she spent organising and looking after the team. Also, for her report.

The 2010 Under 11 team

The team played in the EPSCA Inter-Association U11 Northern Semi-finals on Saturday 20th March 2010 at Sitwell School in Rotherham. The Staffordshire players were advantaged in the first round by 2 defaulted points as their Wirral opponents unfortunately suffered a setback to their travel arrangements (a puncture!) and were unable to arrive before the time control (50 minutes) had elapsed on their clocks. The score after the first round stood at 6½ points following 4 good wins and a draw due to stalemate. The second round was hard fought but resulted in only a further 2½ points. In the 3rd round, the team won 6 games to secure 9th place in the competition. Congratulations go to Jack Healings who played board 1 for Staffordshire and will now play in the England Under 11 Team chess trials in April. Congratulations also to Jacob Cartlidge who on board 6 achieved 2½ out of 3 points and thus was the teams highest scorer on the day. Special mention must go to Charlie Latham who, on board 2, met fierce opposition but still achieved 2 points. All of the team players were a credit to Staffordshire in their impressive conduct as ambassadors for the county and in their professional attitude to their chess. We hope they had fun too!
Traci Whitfield

The Staffordshire team were:

Jack Healings

Charlie Latham

Daniel Holland

William Maynard

Jacob Boswell

Jacob Cartlidge

Skye Wiggins

Hannah Burton

Andrei Mihai

Tilly Griffiths

Callum Bell

Tom Gaskell

Jordan Hine

Daniel Lomax

Tom Povey

Dylan Brownson

Nathan Treacy

Kuki Pickford

Kieran Smith

Koorosh Siaghi

Jordan Brooks

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