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Thank you
Thanks must go to Traci Whifield for the time she spent organising and looking after the team. Also, for her report.
Staffordshire were competing against other teams from Cheshire, Lancashire, Manchester, Nottinghamshire, Tameside, Oldham, Wirral and Yorkshire.

The 2010 Under 9 team

Staffordshire hosted the EPSCA Inter-Association Under 9 Championships Northern Zone on the 13th March 2010 at NCHS — Science College in Newcastle Under Lyme. It is the first time that we have used this venue and feedback from visiting teams and parents since the event has been very positive.

The players had 40 minutes on the clock each but in the first round tended to play too quickly which meant that Staffordshire only achieved 1 point (out of a possible 12) in the first round. The team talk between rounds clearly had impact as in the second round quite a few of the team slowed their play and this resulted in a very satisfying improvement in their chess. Staffordshire duly achieved a good score of 5½ points in round 2 therefore. The momentum was continued into the 3rd round where 4 points were achieved giving a total of 10½ points. Credit must be given to the fact that this was a very young team with many players being aged under 8 (the youngest is 5yrs old). Congratulations must go to Neddy Tsoi on board 7 who went home with a score of 2½ out of 3 points, Jacob Boswell on board 1 with 2 points, and Skye Wiggins (board 2) and Isaac Syred (board 11) who both achieved 1½ points.

Well done to the whole team, — stars every one!.

Finally, my thanks to Allan, Caroline, Tracey and everyone else for their help and support looking after everything on the day.
Traci Whitfield

The Staffordshire team were:

Jacob Boswell

Skye Wiggins

Atlanta Knapper

Joshua Caroll

Dylan Brownson

Isaac Syred

Neddy Tsoi

Tom Partridge

William McGrath

Kieran Thiarya

Isaac Tilt

Parmvir Khera

Matthew Edwards

Emily Chan

Ted Murray

Victoria Holland

Rosie Gough

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