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31 Dec
To try to make it easier for you to find out about local events that might interest you, a Calendar page has been added.

If you do know of any event that junior players might be interested in, please let me know, so that I can include it.
Email: email.

4NCL Junior Championship

22 Nov
Anyone familiar with 4NCL, may be interested to know that they have just launched a Junior 4NCL Championship for all under 18s. The 2008 Championship will be played in Wokefield Park, Berkshire, over two weekends (12th-13th January, and 3rd-4th May). You can enter as a school or club team, or simply as a group of chess friends. Coaching will be provided during the championship. Details and entry forms are available from the 4NCL website: www.4ncl.co.uk
Entries must be received by 8th January.

Local Honours

25 Oct
To make it easier to find out which of you have done well in the last twelve months, a new Junior Honours page has been added to the news menu.

Halloween Special

15 Oct
On Thursday 1st November from 6pm to 7 pm, there will be a halloween special at Newcastle Under Lyme junior chess club. Fancy dress is optional, but there will be themed prizes for costumes and Chess. All junior players welcome.

It will be held at Hassell School, Barracks Rd, Newcastle, ST5 1LF. (Where the junior congress was held).
The organiser is
Traci Whitfield (Tel: 01782 623361)

Staffordshire Junior Congress

3 Sept
The 2007 Staffordshire Junior Congress will be played on 14 October, 2007. If you have already asked for details, an entry form should be sent to you some time next week, or you can download a copy from the Junior Congress page now.

Note: If you currently play for an official Staffordshire junior chess team, and you do well at the congress, you can now win one of its trophies and titles.

Anyone who has visited this site in the last week or so, should note that the date shown last week has been changed - to avoid clashes with other junior events organised by NYCA and EPSCA.

Staffordshire Terriers

18 Aug
For 2007/8 Traci Whitfield will again be running a team in Inter-County chess. In previous years this team was simply known as the B team. But this year, the team will be playing under a new name - "Staffordshire Terriers". If you are ungraded, and interested, let Traci know. If you interested and you have a grade under 100, let her know.

Email: email.

Note: If you don't like dogs, don't worry it is just a name for the team, the team does not have a mascot.

2007 Staffordshire Congress

17 Apr
Well done to the 17 junior players who took part in the county congress, held in Bloxwich over the weekend. You involvement helped ensure it was a success. I'm sure you will all join me in thanking Traci Whitfield for all her efforts in helping make the event possible. Thanks also go to your parents as well.

Full details of tournament results etc, will be added to this site over the next few days. Details

Well done, and thank you!

UK Chess Challenge

19 Feb
Full details of the local section of the UK Chess Challenge have now been added.

This year, two special tournaments are being held locally:

  • One for players who still needs to qualify for the Megafinal.
  • The other for anyone who has already qualified and wants to practice,
    or anyone who wants to play some competitive chess while their friend/brother/sister tries to qualify for the Megafinal.
Details and entry forms.

There is also information for schools who would like to get involved in the UK Chess Challenge.

Mini-Special tournament

18 Feb
This tournament is for anyone who has ALREADY qualified for the Megafinal, but wants to get in some important practice. Entry forms:

Acrobat style entry form Acrobat file
(26 Kb)

MS Word entry form Word file
(26 Kb)

Honours shared by U100 teams

17 Jan
Traci's team started the season with two away matches. But on Saturday, they played in Newcastle, against the county's other U100 team. They finished level on 6 - 6. Well done and thank you to Traci and everyone who took part this season.
A team
B team

EPSCA & the Rapidplay

26 Dec
EPSCA (The English Primary Schools' Chess Association) organise a number of regular events and competitions you might be interested in. To help you find out about those events, I have added an EPSCA section to the website. At the moment, it only introduces the popular EPSCA Rapidplay, held in Liverpool in January each year. Over time, details of other events will be added.

Shropshire's juniors faced our A team

22 Nov
On Saturday, a team of Shropshire's junior players played host to Staffordshire's U100 A team (the Bulldogs) for the Inter-County fixture. Our team captain David Buckley tells me that despite the results, Shropshire's players were very strong.

Congratulations to our team, and well done to the Shropshire players.
Match details.


31 Oct
A number of junior players now meet at Brewood Chess Circle. If you are not too far away, and would be interested in joining them to play chess and improve your game, please get in touch.

Junior Congress - Well done

15 Oct
Well done to all the players who took part in the junior congress held in Hassell school on Sunday. Despite one or two upsets, everyone seemed to have a good time. The full report will appear in a day or so.

Well done everyone.

Junior Congress & the Postal Strike

7 Oct
By Traci Whitfield
The Staffordshire Junior Chess Congress is on Sunday 14th October in Newcastle Under Lyme. Please DONT BE PUT OFF BY THE POSTAL STRIKE.

Due to the unusual circumstances, you may:

  • Hand entry forms to me personally if you know me.
  • Hand them in at Newcastle Junior Chess Club at Hassell School (On Thursday 6-7pm).
  • Pass them through Hassell School.
  • email them to me and pay on the day.
  • For the first time ever, so long as you arrive BEFORE 9am you can enter on the day, bring your completed entry form with you

If possible, if you wish to enter on the day, please email or phone me to let me know to avoid long queues and to ensure there is sufficient equipment.

In control of Junior Chess

22 Jun
In recent years, Traci Whitfield has organised the junior chess teams, while Graham Humphreys was in overall control of Junior Chess. During the recent county AGM, it was decided that because they both do so much to look after and promote junior chess locally, they should both share the honour of overall control. So now we have two people to look after our younger players. They are both "Secretary of Junior Chess".

Contact details for both of them can be found in the right hand column of most pages in this junior section.

Personality of the year.

22 Jun
Well done to Traci Whitfield, Staffordshire's "Personality of the year" for 2007. Already well known for her untiring contribution to junior chess, she recently took a leading role in putting together a successful Staffordshire Congress. The Congress had not been held for over 10 year until this year. Everyone at the AGM gave Traci a warm round of applause as the trophy was presented to her.

Well done Traci, and thank you!.

Recent updates

10 Apr
An extra item has now included in the right hand column of the newspage: It lists recent changes to this site.

This addition is still under development, but is intended to let you know about changes that might not otherwise be mentioned on a news page.

This news page

19 Feb
Following a couple of requests, I've made this news page the starting point for the junior section of this site. To make room for it, the guides to club, tournament and team chess, can now be found by clicking Introduction on the menu above.


18 Feb
If any school would like to run its own UK Chess Challenge competition, could they please contact Traci

Email: email. or Tel: 01782 623361.

or go to the UK Chess Challenge Website.

Last Chance tournament

18 Feb
This tournament is for anyone who would like the chance to qualify for the UK Chess Challenge Megafinal, but cannot do so through their school. Entry forms:

Acrobat style entry form Acrobat file
(27 Kb)

MS Word entry form Word file
(26 Kb)

Chess congress

5 Jan
If you are interested in competing in a tournament that will also include adult players, Staffordshire will be running a 5 round congress over the weekend of Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 April, 2007. It will be held at the Leisure Centre in Bloxwich, near Walsall.

Details and entry form.

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