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Well done!

14 December
Inter-County chess is a team game for players of all ages (including adults). In each game, some of the best players from two counties meet to compete against each other. Most of the players are adults, but on Saturday six junior players took part in matches between Staffordshire and Warwickshire.

Well done to Ravi Patel, Matthew Greenwood and Steven Bowen. On Saturday, they all played in a match for teams with 12 players graded under 100 (or ungraded). Matthew won for Staffordshire, while Steven won for Warwickshire. Earlier this year, Ravi went to Sheffield to compete in the Terafinal of this year's UK Chess Challenge.

Well done also to Dani Malik, Kaiser Malik and Henrik Stepanyan. On Saturday, they were playing in a match for teams with 16 of the very strongest players from each county. Henrik was one of the first players to finish, and he won.

Well done everyone!

Well done Manpreet

9 November
Manpreet Sangha won the Under 16 section at the recent junior congress. Yesterday, he played Inter-County chess on board 3 for Staffordshire's Bulldogs team against their Staffordshire rivals the Terriers. Manpreet enjoyed a good game, but one match finished with checkmate after just 6 moves.
Match details - Terriers
Match details - Bulldogs

Junior Congress

19 October
Congratulations to everyone who took part in today's Staffordshire Junior Congress. It was good to see and meet so many of you there, so on belalf of Traci and all the organisers, Well done everyone and thank you for taking part!

We do of course all owe a huge debt of gratitude to Traci Whitfield for all the time and effort she gave to put such an enjoyable and successful event together.

Thank you Traci very much!

A full report will be included here in the next few days.

English under 11

13 October
Traci Whitfield has told me that a number of you were going to compete in the English Under 11 Championships in Nottingham over the weekend. Well done if you did take part, and I hope you achieved a good result.

Well done!

New vice-chair for EPSCA

13 October
Congratulations must also go to Traci herself. At EPSCA's AGM a week ago, she was elected as their new Vice-Chairman. She will be vice-chair for two years, after which she will take over as chairman for two years.

Well done!

Craig & Brandon
World Chess Champions!

4 October
Near Wimbledon Common this morning,

Craig Whitfield

and his partner

Brandon Clarke

won the

World Exchange
Junior Chess

In this fast and exciting competition, they played on separate boards but acted like a team. When Craig captured a piece, he passed it on to Brandon. As Brandon was playing the opposite colour to Craig, he could use his move to place that captured piece on his board as one of his pieces. As soon as one player gives checkmate, both games finish.

It sounds like they both had a lot of fun. Very well done to both World Champions!!!

Craig Whitfield v Peter Poobalsingham

18 August
Last weekend, Craig Whitfield was in Sheffield, competing in the Terafinal of the UK Chess Challenge.

At the start of the final round, Craig was joint leader and unbeaten. In that final game, Craig was drawn against the top 18 year old player (and defending UK Chess Challenge Champion) Peter Poobalsingham (grade 194). During the game both players made full use of the time available, before Peter won.

In an amazing weekend, Craig finished in joint 4th place, scoring 4½ out of 6. During the weekend, he beat the third place player (grade 182) and drew in his game against the best girl.

An amazing weekend. Well played Craig!!!

Haven't those links changed?

31 July
Regular visitors may have noticed that the links at the top of these pages seem different in some way. All the junior chess links are still there, and mostly in the same place. What has changed is that the links to different parts of the rest of Staffordshire Chess have all been replaced by just one link: Staffs Chess. From any page in junior chess, that link will take you through to Staffordshire Chess's general news page. The familiar Junior Chess link will bring you back in the normal way.

New address for this website

16 July
Well, I finally got around to it. To make it easier for you to reach this site, from now on all you need to do is type


Final places

11 July
If you or your school took part in the National Primary Schools Chess Team Championship this year, finishing places for all teams in each of the three semi-finals, and the final have been added.

Newcastle juniors

13 June
If you are not too far from Newcastle, some of the best junior players in the area are now coached there - including some of the EPSCA team. There is excellent coaching, with plenty of puzzles and demonstration games to help develop your skills.
More info

Leek Megafinal

30 May
There were 119 entrants for the Megafinal in Leek on 17 May. At the end of the day, ten Supremi and seven Supremæ qualify for the northern Gigafinal, along with twenty six others who scored 4 points or more. So forty three players qualify. Well done to everyone who took part.
Roll of honour

Leek Megafinal

18 May
Robert Milner who organises the Leek Megafinal told me this morning that yesterday went well.

Under 9s do well in the finals

8 May
Boards one and two of our under 9 team were unable to play on the day of the finals in Kent, so many children had to play on higher boards than usual. They played well and the team finished in a very creditable 14th place.

Well done to the players and everyone involved.

K+P v K

29 Mar
Inter-County matches in the U150 rarely include junior players. But in this afternoon's Staffordshire v Leicestershire match, Staffordshire had a junior player on board one, and Leicestershire's team included a junior player on board two. As the match drew to its conclusion, the scores were level. It was the result of the game played by Craig Whitfield that decided which team won.
Match details

2008 Honours

19 Mar
There is now a Roll of Honour page for the players who did so well in the recent U9 and U11 Inter-Association zonals. Well done!

Newcastle mini - well done!

17 Mar
Well done to the young players who took part in the Newcastle mini congress held over the weekend. Most of the players were adults.

And of course a special well done to Craig Whitfield who finished as a clear winner in the top section.
Details will soon appear on Martyn Harris's Newcastle-under-Lyme site.

Well done Christopher!

16 Mar
County cup competitions (Hickman, Gothard, Jackson and Withnall Trophies) do not usually get mentioned on this news page because the players are nearly always over 18. But yesterday, 16 year old Christopher Bellin from Walsall Kipping beat Simon Edwards from Cheddleton & Leek in the semi-final of the county cup (Hickman Trophy). His victory was also notable because he has a grade 20 points lower than his opponent: Simon's grade is 148, Christopher's is 128.

Unfortunately, despite his success, the Walsall Kipping team were beaten 3½ - 2½ by Cheddleton & Leek, who go through to the final, where they will face a team from Stafford.
Match details

Terriers v Shropshire B

4 Feb
Apologies for the delay in posting the result of this match - there was a mix up between me and the player looking after the Terriers while Mrs Whitfield was unavailable. - I've only just received the match result.

Well done to Matthew, the young player from Staffordshire. From my own experience facing him in league play, he is definitely improving. And praise also to the 10 young players who travelled from Shropshire just for this match. Well done everyone.
Match details

4NCL Juniors

24 November
For those interested in the recent Junior 4NCL tournament, Claire Summerscale has now added a report to their website: Report.

The second weekend will be played in Buckinghamshire at the end of February, and you can still take part even if you didn't go to the first weekend.

Open Congress Winner

11 November
Congratulations to Craig Whitfield. Last weekend Craig finished as joint winner in the top section of Hull Congress. Playing against tough opposition, he finished on 4 out of 5. This congress included adult players and I understand this is the first time Craig has won an open congress. The first of many I'm sure. Sharing first place with Craig is a player reputed to be over 70 years of age.

There is a photo of Craig and a copy of one of the games he played during the congress on the News page of Yorkshire's website. (Note: if you have a slow internet connection, the page is rather large 5MB).

Congratulations Craig!

Junior Congress report

24 October
Traci Whitfield has now sent me a copy of this year's junior congress report. Details of trophy and prize winners has been included in the congress section.

Once again, well done to everyone who competed and thank you to everyone there.

Under 16 match on 1st November

20 October
If you are under 16, there is a team event being held in Edgbaston, Birmingham on Saturday November 1st. It will be played over 4 rounds, with 45 minutes to complete your game in each round.

If you are interested in being part of the team and would like more details, please contact Traci.

Email: Traci Whitfield or Tel: 01782 623361.

Tom Adams

18 October
Last Sunday (12 October),

Tom Adams

Finished joint second

in the under 90 grade section of the

Birmingham District
League Rapidplay

Tom who is under 11, scored 5 points out of 6. His only loss was because of a mistake against someone who ended with just 1½ points. The winner was another very good junior player, but the two players didn't meet. Tom plays for Cheddleton & Leek Chess Club.

Very well done Tom!!!

Rushall Chess Club

13 October
My thanks to Steve Wilcox who has been in touch so that I can let you know Rushall Chess Club will be meeting at a new venue from Monday 3rd November. From that date, they will meet at Bloxwich Memorial Club, Harrison St, Bloxwich WS3 3HP.

Until then, they will continue to meet where they are now.

Staffordshire Junior Congress 19 October

16 September
The 2008 Staffordshire Junior Congress will be played on 19 October, 2008.

Full details and entry forms can be found on this site's Junior Congress page.

This year's Junior Congress

8 Sept
If you have been waiting for details about the 2008 Staffordshire Junior Congress, I apologise for the delay. Full details and entry forms will be available shortly.

Competition report

4 Sept
For those of you who haven't already discovered the ECF's junior chess magazine Right Move, their August issue includes a review of this year's EPSCA Schools' Chess Team Championship. For older children, the article also covers the UK National Schools Team Championships. You will also find a comment about someone you might know.
Link to the August issue.

Terafinal success

18 August
Besides Craig, other players from this area who did well during the weekend's Terafinal were Henrik and Astghik Stepanyan, together with Ravi and Neha Patel.

Well done also to a number of other local players who were making their debut at the Terafinal. These include Jack Healings and Skye Wiggins.

Congratulations to all players from this area who competed in the Terafinal!!!

Internet address for junior chess

31 July
Another change you may not be aware of yet, is that junior chess now has its own internet address. So if your main interest is junior chess,


will bring you straight to junior chess.

Well done Craig

16 July
For the sixth year in a row, Craig Whitfield has qualified for the Main Terafinal in the UK Chess Challenge. One of the very few players to have achieved this record, Craig also has the distinction of being one of the very few (and possibly the only) player to have won both the Best U9 and the Best U11 in the competition.

Well done!

Primary Schools Championships

16 June
EPSCA has just started to organise the National Primary Schools Chess Team Championship for 2009. Any schools which might be interested in taking part should look at the introduction, and get in touch if they have any questions or would like more details about the 2009 competition.

Club of the year

13 June
On Tuesday, Rushall Chess Club (near Walsall) became the Club of the Year for Staffordshire. The club has a mixture of junior and adult players. There is very good coaching for the junior players and competitions.
More info

England U11 team trials

30 May
EPSCA select and run an England under 11 chess team. For players in the under 9 or under 10 age groups, there is now a guide to how that team is selected, and what you need to do if you think you might be good enough to play chess for England.
More info

Free chess sets for schools

11 May
Thanks to Holloid Plastics of Baisingstoke, 10 FREE tournament quality chess sets are available for every school in England. That's a total of 250,000 sets in all. More info

To receive the free chess sets, all you school needs to do is contact their local MP or send an email to the ECF Office with your schools name and contact details.

Email: office@englishchess.org.uk

Well done

14 Apr
Well done to all the young players who took part in the Staffordshire Congress over the weekend. You all seemed to have a good weekend, and one player celebrated his 10th birthday.

A results page has been included in the Congress section, and a proper report will be added during the next few days.

Internet site for Rushall

19 Mar
Rushall Chess Club now has a website, so if you are interested in the club, have a look.
The site even has a problem page to test your skills.

Sorry Matthew!

18 Mar
A very belated well done to young Matthew Greenwood, for his draw in the Inter-County match played in Worcestershire on 2 Feb. His opponent was graded 104. The only excuse I can offer for the delay, is that I only found out about the result this morning - sorry!
Match details

Under 11 Zones

17 Mar
The under 11s went to Heywood, Lancs on Saturday to play in the EPSCA Under 11 Zone. The team finished with 22½ points in 8th place. Team captain, Mrs Whitfield, tells me they did well.

Under 9 Zones

9 Mar
A team of under 9s went to Nottingham yesterday to play in the EPSCA Under 9 Zone. Finishing with an excellent 21½ points, they missed the bronze by just 1 point.

New home for Rushall

6 Feb
After 26 years at Manor Farm, Rushall chess club will be playing at a new venue from Monday 11 February.

Website colours

28 Jan
The colour scheme of this website has been completely revised. You may need to click on the refresh button of your browser once or twice to see it properly.

Staffordshire Congress 2008

10 Jan
Last year a number of junior players took part in the Staffordshire Congress. This year, it will be held again, at the same venue

Bloxwich Leisure Centre, Bloxwich,
12th & 13th April, 2008

If a similar number of young players take part this year, junior prizes will be available in each section.

A traditional part of the Staffordshire Congress was the "Staffordshire Under 21 Championship". This year, the highest scoring Staffordshire player (aged under 21) in the Premier section will be awarded the title Staffordshire Under 21 Champion

More details.

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